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My poor IT person has not got much hair left. I keep telling him I want this and that and he does really well. We were discussing Blogs the other day and we have now included a Blog on our website. Have a look. Feel free to comment with constructive critism. Do not be rude and I will not and also remember I have the delete button. I look forward to doing some more interactive articles or something where we can get our teeth into it and find solutions or new ideas for all. I suppose in some ways it is ours. If you believe you have a good idea and have a story to tell email it to me and I will put it up with full recognition of your ownership.


Posted: 6 March 2013 02:53 pm




Main West Passenger Stock

As we slowly recover from the devasting year 2011 what with illness and all the rest we are now on a regular basis rotating through all the old Mainwest Passenger Cars that were available.

The first orders for the CX/LFX Cars as well as the BHG/SHG Gauards Vans are currently being made and should be with us shortly after the Mad March Sale.

As soon as they are in all back orders will be filled first and then they will be re-listed. We know there have been price rises but we hope it is not too great so that we can absorb some of it.

Once we have these items in stock we will look at the remainder of the items and start moving them through once again on a more regular basis. This is going to be a very busy year for both Barbara and I.

Keep in touch with the website Notice Board for more information as it comes to hand.

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Posted: 28 February 2013 11:21 am





This is the first of what we plan to be an annual event. Maybe not always in March but annually.

The sale is to give modellers the opportunity once a year to get the benefits, that are normally available from most retail outlets, of a substantial discount on selected stock items and AR model kits.

The big difference is that the discounts will happen on a daily basis excluding weekends and public holidays and the items selected each day will have the discount only applied for that 24 hour period. The period is calculated on Australian Eastern Standard Time. As the month progresses you will see the icon progress and when it is shown a simple click of your mouse button will reveal the items and the discount percentage and price for that day only.

There are more than one item perday. We have good stocks of all items listed but if you do not get them on the day you will miss out. If demand is so great that we run out of stocks on that day you will also miss out.

This is a genuine discount as you can always go and check our listed prices by asking for more information.

We thank you the modellers of Australia for your continued support and hope that our mad Mad March Sale repays you in some small way.


The AR Kits Team  

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Posted: 27 February 2013 08:07 am




AR Kits by DJH

 New stocks of the DJH manufactured C30T, C34. D57 and D59 are now in stock. We have also received stocks of the Wampu Tender which we have not carried for some time. If you want to give some variation to you D50 or C32 or you need more room for a speaker and decoder, this is a very usable tender. The D57 and C30T have already had serious incursions into the stock levels but can easily be replaced if stocks once again run low.



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Posted: 27 February 2013 07:39 am




Contacting AR Kits

Please remember Barbara and I do most of the work at AR Kits and if we are answering the telephone we will not get the required work done so save yourself a bundle and send us an email so I can get back to you at a more convienant time.  


Posted: 27 February 2013 07:38 am




AR Kits Resources Files

The AR Kits resources file which is located in the drop down under "Resources" at the top of the page contains a lot of useful information and also a number of the re-vamped construction instruction for kits, helpful hints and other articles. It is there for your use and all downloads are free. 


Posted: 27 February 2013 07:37 am





MWFG 04 - Silvermaz RUB SFS 2nd Class Coach 

On receipt of the second last batch of the subject Flushglaze windows it was not picked up by the packers that the set was incomplete. Eventually it was brought to our attention and a number of sets have been re-issued. For those who have bought the product please contact AR Kits for a full re-issue of the items. We do apologise for any inconvienance caused.




Posted: 27 February 2013 07:34 am




AR Kits Shopping Cart

Please note Credit Card Payment is not activated
until the day the order leaves AR Kits

There appears to be a little confusion with regard  to the AR Kits Shopping Cart.

When you place an order with AR Kits to buy an item and you use your credit card the transaction through your credit card is not activated until the day the item leaves our office.

You will receive an automatic computer generated response to tell you you order has been received but that is all it it "An Acknowledgment".

This is in accordance with our policy that no item is paid for until it leaves our control and that there are no up front deposits required. This ensures that if anything happens to me or Barbara and the business has to close no client is not out of pocket.

There has been a recent occasion where a cheque was cashed in advance and the modeller was duly compensated for our indiscretion.

Accordingly if you the modeller wish to make a purchase and layby the item that will happen but that is purely a "Layby". The item is forwarded as soon as the Layby is completed. Locomotives ordered on layby will be held for one month from the date of order without payment. After that date the item will be returned to stock or offered to another customer who has the item on back order. Any re-order will be at the current price on the day the item is restocked. 

If a price for AR Kits by DJH is announced and you order the item and there is an oversight in the costings then you are the winner but you will need to get in quick as you can be rest assured the price will quickly change when the oversight is discovered. The current fluctuations in the market are impossible to predict and price are subject to change without notice.


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Posted: 27 February 2013 07:31 am




New Decals

Just remember if you have need for a special decal just contact us. In recent times we have added a number of new decals to our range because of requests from modellers.

More decals for the DJH Loco range have been added to the list as well as decals for the Berg's MLV and a number of other external manufacturers kits.

All our decals can either be authenticated from a photo or from the railway plans and general knowledge. More decals will be added in the new year.

So watch the AR Kits and Main West decal lists for "new items". 


Posted: 27 February 2013 07:30 am




NEW Brass Chain

Just for something a bit old/ new. We continually strive to improve our products and have been looking to improve our range of chain. We have just found a new suppliers and through him we have our first new product. The first is http://www.arkits.com/catalogue_mw/14
This is 48 links per inch and is blackened. As the other chain runs out it will be replaced with the new blackened chain. That is not the only good news. The price got better. The current chain is packaged at .5m lengths at $5.00 while the new chain is packaged at 1m lengths and is $7.00. 

One the same page you will also see that we have increased the range of our wire stock.


Posted: 20 December 2012 09:53 am




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